Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Evaluation Q4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Throughout the filming process for our music video, our group used a variety of different technologies and software.

The technologies we used included two different cameras. We originally use the school camera although we didn’t think the quality was up to scratch so we moved onto using Ghanshyam’s camera which was much better quality although it didn’t automatically focus.
We started off also using a tripod which was supplied by the school however we felt it would look more natural and in general better to film completely handheld.

The group rotated when it came to filming however James filmed the majority with me an Ghanshyam doing more experimental shots that didn't necessarily get into the final product. Ghanshyam had the final say when it came to the direction of the music video as well as what looked best and what we should test out. We left this role to him due to him having the most experience through his own personal YouTube channel. Jacob was our actor so he was often have to follow instructions as well as having his own input when it came to what movements would look best as well as having a lag e part of influence when it came to location. My role was props and lighting, although most was shot outside I played a large part in the party scene where I helped setting up the scene as well as sorted out the lighting and smoke machine. I controlled what lighting would look best as well as controlling the smoke machine which made the party look more professional.

The software being used consisted of Adobe Photoshop and Final cut pro. Final Cut Pro was the software in which we used to edit our final music video. Involving the music video we used Photoshop to make the production label’s logo which we put into our music video during the opening shots.

With the digipak I only used Photoshop to construct the digipak as well as edit images and add text. I used DaFont to get the variety of fonts that I used for my digipak.

The blog that I have made has also used a variety of programs and technologies to help make it look better. With certain photos I uploaded to my blog I used my phone so that I have evidence of what I was talking about as well as making the blog look visually appealing.

The blog also has a variety of videos embedded in which I talk about; I used YouTube to achieve this.

Evaluation Q3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Evaluation Q2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

When it came to choosing a song to base a music video off we felt as a group that we did not only like and know the song well but also relate to it. We created a character that would fit well into the conventions of the genre and created a sad back story of him trying to escape a rough life. Audiences will be able to identify the conventions through the costume in which are artist is wearing, designer clothes, jewellery etc. As well as this locations are very conventional and suite the character well. one example is we include a shot of our character outside his estate which he is trying to leave and change for the better.

My digipak and poster fit well with the music video in general. With the digipak and poster I wanted to show off the scenery as well as photography as the quality of shots and scenery played a big part in the music video. The style is very simplistic and flows well which is conventional to RnB and rap as flow plays a big part to the lyrics so the music video should follow also.

I like the end product I produced as I feel that it shows of the conventions of a RnB video well. I do think there should have been changes such as more varieties of setting as well as doing more shots and having more cameras giving everyone a chance to film. Elements I do like is the party shots as there shot from a variety of different angles.

I also like the end result of the Digipak. I would have liked to play around with it a bit more and asked for advice more often however I feel for someone with very little experience with Photoshop it turned out okay. I like the simplistic nature of it and the fact that its very "cheap" and unpolished due to the fact that the artist is trying to build a live better for themselves.

Evaluation Q1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Opinions on Final Digipak

I think overall the digipak has came out better than I anticipated. Originally I felt the design I was going for would only look good if I new more about the software I was using as it was to complicated and as a result being an amateur I made it look like a bit of a mess. I decided to completely re do which left me little time although considering I felt that I was able to pull it off o some extent. I like the simplistic nature as well as the new fonts that I found as I feel its very conventional.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Magazine Advert

This is the completed magazine advert. The magazine advert is made very simplistically, a lot like the digipak with minimalistic features but enough substance to where it doesn't look like its lacking. I changed the main digipak image so that instead of keeping the text I would just use the original picture and have the text elsewhere on the magazine.

Completed Digipak

This is what all the panels look like when they are formed into a complete digipak.